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Chapter 359 Successful Interview

  • Han Jingru arrived at Rumo Real Estate before Mi Xiaoxing and Yang Meng did. When he went to Zhong Ji's office, Mi Xiaoxing and Yang Meng were waiting for the interview at the human resource department. Since the future of Rumo Real Estate wasn't all that great, they were the only interviewees.
  • Anyone who wasn't crazy wouldn't choose to interview for a job at Rumo Real Estate now. There weren't a lot of people who would think unconventionally like Mi Xiaoxing did.
  • The head of the human resources department asked the crux of the matter when he was interviewing them: the reason for them choosing Rumo Real Estate in this situation.
  • Mi Xiaoxing gave the same answer she had told Yang Meng. She laid bare her desires and ambitions. This was the first time the head of department saw this line of thought, so he was slightly impressed by her.
  • However, Zhong Ji would be the one to decide if they could enter Rumo Real Estate or not.
  • “Alright, thank you for that. Please give us a minute.”
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