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Chapter 413 The Bitch Who Married That Useless Man

  • “Who are you?” Su Yimo was looking at her intensely as if she could see through her mask in an instant.
  • “Thank god that it is retribution time. Han Jingru was just admitted into the hospital, and you got caught. This year is indeed unlucky for both of you.” It was Han Qing. Although she had witnessed Han Jingru being beaten up, it was not good enough for her. Thus, she did not put a stop to Su Yimo's plan. Unexpectedly, Su Yimo got caught just when Han Jingru was admitted into the hospital. “Good things” do come in pairs!
  • “Jingru is in the hospital? What happened?” The usually calm Su Yimo was agitated. She had no inkling of what happened at the Peninsula Hotel, thus was feeling unsettled by what Han Qing had said.
  • “Don't you know?” Han Qing smiled gleefully under her mask and continued, “He was beaten up like a dog and had even coughed up blood yesterday. Now he is lying in the hospital, and I guess he can't even move now.”
  • “It is not possible. You are lying to me, right?” Su Yimo's breathing was frantic. She did not know this woman before her, much less believe her words.
  • “Lying to you? Do you want to see how he was beaten up? I do have a video to show you.” Han Qing took out her handphone. She had secretly recorded it down when Han Jingru was being beaten up with the intention to humiliate him with it in the future. Never would I expect that it will come into use this quickly.
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