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Chapter 527 Could They Really Leave If They Killed Him

  • When Mole didn't see Guan Yong during free time the next day, he knew that Guan Yong had been secretly executed by Terra Prison.
  • Although Terra Prison prohibited killing, they never took lightly any threat that may expose their position.
  • Terra Prison was infamous - it was known as the most formidable prison in the world. Secrecy was the key to its success, and Terra Prison would not tolerate any act that would reveal its location. Anyone who might expose Terra Prison would not be treated lightly.
  • “Guan Yong is dead,” Mole said to Number 12.
  • Number 12 didn't care. Even if the world had turned upside down, it had nothing to do with him. To him, the important issue at hand was to find a way to learn about Han Jingru.
  • Su Yimo's due date was soon approaching. Even if Han Jingru couldn't return to Yun City to accompany Su Yimo when she gave birth, Number 12 still hoped to try his best.
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