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Chapter 1147 Asking The Nangong Family For Help

  • Nangong Shuxian was old but not senile. In fact, she was shrewd enough to tell who was more excellent according to the situation. Truth be told, she was also impressed that Han Jingru established his own company, which made her doubt her decision.
  • It was just that her pride made it difficult for her to accept that fact, so she would rather die to prove that she was right than admit that she made a mistake.
  • “What do I have to do for you to save Han Yu?” inquired Nangong Shuxian.
  • “It’s simple. Beg me. You don’t even have to kneel. Just say ‘I’m begging you,’ and that’s it.” Han Jingru sat up and looked at Nangong Shuxian with a smile. He knew that she would come to him eventually because that was her only option.
  • Hearing that, Nangong Shuxian puffed her cheeks and was obviously gritting her teeth.
  • After a long silence, she finally opened her mouth. “I’m begging you. Please save Han Yu.”
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