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Chapter 57 Can You Open The Door

  • The two buses parked right at the middle of the hill. When the two groups of visitors got down the car, their expression was all of puzzlement and confusion, even anxiousness.
  • Genting Residential Area!
  • That was the most lavish place in the entire Yun city. What more, the mansion in the middle of the hill!
  • Everyone knew that the place was bought by an astronomical figure of eight hundred and ninety million. The entire Yun city was curious with the mysterious buyer. And they hadn’t dreamt that they could visit it one day!
  • “This… What is happening? Why are we brought here?” When Su Huiqi stood on the ground, she didn’t dare to move a step. The woman was so afraid to even sully the ground.
  • Su Ruijin was completely nervous as well. He knew that trespassing in private property in Genting was a huge offence. They just might get into a serious trouble. Moreover, they were standing right before the mansion in the middle of the hill.
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