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Chapter 814 Proposal

  • “Y-You are here for me?” Su Huiqi was starting to stutter. All this while, she had been waiting for an opportunity to be married to a rich man, which was the reason why she had flirted with so many wealthy men before. However, none of the men she had approached took a liking to her. Thus, she found it unbelievable when Chen Yi approached her.
  • If it were before, Su Huiqi would not even bat an eye at Chen Yi as his family background was nothing remarkable.
  • But times were different. The Su family had completely fallen under, and Su Huiqi was just an ordinary girl now. Even Chen Yi was a great catch for her, as beggars couldn’t be choosers.
  • “Is there anyone prettier than you around here?” Chen Yi was full of smiles.
  • The other girls were disgruntled by Chen Yi’s words. A woman cared most about their appearances. Hence, they were unable to sit with the fact that Chen Yi relegated their beauty to a lower standard than Su Huiqi’s.
  • “Chen Yi, I think you need glasses. How is anyone of us here not prettier than Su Huiqi?”
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