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Chapter 943 My Master Is Han Jingru

  • Han Jingru smiled and said nothing.
  • What is it about Chen Yanran that made me remember her? A woman like her doesnt even deserve even the slightest place in my heart.
  • “Trying to beat around the bush? Are you conscience-stricken?” Bailing Wan’er was persistent with her questions.
  • “I will forget her sooner or later—and that goes for you too. How do you like this answer?”
  • That got Bailing Wan’er up in arms. What she was asking about was Han Jingru’s attitude towards Chen Yanran. How on earth did it hurl back to her? And those words were pretty hurtful.
  • “I’ll make sure to brand my name into that thick skull of yours, so it’ll be impossible for you to forget me,” she spewed angrily.
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