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Chapter 1040 Taking It Too Far

  • Fei Lingsheng was trying to save the Emperor from embarrassment, though it was rather unnecessary of her to do so. Even so, it would not be worth it for the Emperor to have a head-on clash with Han Jingru or reveal the secrets of the Dragon Emperor Palace in front of Fei Lingsheng.
  • “Fine then. I’ll let you off this time, Master Han,” the Emperor said, letting Han Jingru go from the suffocating pressure he had been inflicting upon him.
  • Han Jingru’s face remained expressionless, though he was glad that the weight was finally lifted off his back, which was already soaked in sweat. If not for the Holy Chestnut he had the foresight to consume beforehand, he would have been crushed within seconds.
  • It made sense to him why the Pinnacles Masters feared the Emperor. The power he demonstrated just now did not seem to be at its full extent, after all.
  • Han Jingru kept his thoughts off his face, and no one could tell what he was thinking about, including the Emperor himself. Everyone was too busy trying to figure out if Han Jingru was indeed as strong as he said he was.
  • “I’m sure you’re aware that I’m the only person who can enter the Imperial Archives,” the Emperor said.
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