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Chapter 198 Mr Han

  • Tang Cheng’s walked through the Jiang family in confusion. Han Jingru mentioned that he wanted to treat an esteemed guest over here. But now it turned to Tang Cheng treating his esteemed guest?
  • Was Han Jingru simply bluffing?
  • When the Jiang family thought about that, their lips curled up. It was truly entertaining to see Han Jingru’s bluff getting exposed.
  • Even Jiang Hong thought the same. Although he was destined to not be able to eat in Imperial hotel, his day wouldn’t be too bad if he could see Han Jingru getting embarrassed.
  • “Mr. Han, sorry I am late.” When Tang Cheng walked towards Han Jingru, he bowed and said apologetically.
  • The Jiang family was thunderstruck.
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