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Chapter 502 True Couple

  • After getting into the car, with Su Yimo at the steering wheel, Han Jingru found himself blindfolded against his will. This made Han Jingru even more curious as to what Su Yimo was trying to do.
  • After traveling some distance smoothly, the journey started to get bumpy. To Jingru, this meant they had already left the city area and were probably now entering the outskirts.
  • The car stopped after traveling for about 2 hours. Han Jingru was keenly aware that until there was specific instruction to remove the blindfold, he was to see nothing.
  • A most majestic garden villa stood in front of Su Yimo. It was Su Yimo's holiday homestay as arranged by Shen Zhuoman.
  • Of course, given its grand architecture and elaborate decor, the villa far exceeded anyone's expectations for a homestay. Su Yimo was very impressed by its superb ambience. Though the neighboring villas were occupied, this villa was so spacious that they could do anything wild and boisterous without worrying about being overheard by anyone.
  • The villa also boasted of a private swimming pool. It would be nice for them to have a swim just before the summer was over.
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