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Chapter 44 Secret

  • Su Yimo didn’t have much of an expectation towards the house, because Han Jingru told her the night earlier: she could see it every day.
  • Since she was able to see it, it meant somewhere around their residential area.
  • But now that Han Jingru mentioned it, Su Yimo wanted to get a word of confirmation and she asked, “Where is it?”
  • Han Jingru stretched his hand forward and pointed at the mansion on the middle hill, “There.”
  • Su Yimo was stunned for a long while before she broke into a giggle. She looked at Han Jingru speechlessly, “Why are you bluffing in front of me? Let’s hurry and go home, Shen Zhuoman is still waiting for me!”
  • Before Han Jingru could explain, Su Yimo started jogging again.
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