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Chapter 760 Reminiscing

  • While everyone in Yan City was waiting to see what Han Jingru was going to do next, another shocking news reverberated throughout the city.
  • Han Jingru had left Yan City and returned to Yun City.
  • His departure was so sudden that it caught everyone by surprise. From their perspective, Han Jingru should have stayed to elevate the Han family’s position and influence in the business world. With how powerful he currently was, it would be an extremely easy task to accomplish. However, his decision to leave left everyone scratching their heads.
  • After that, another shocking news followed.
  • Han Jingru had left the Han Corporation to Zhong Ji and Qin Fu and given them full authority over it. Moreover, it seemed that he would never return to the city which puzzled everyone further.
  • The Han family’s position and influence in Yan City were what many others strive for. However, Han Jingru didn’t care much for it. Can it be that such power doesnt interest him at all?
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