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Chapter 792 Death By A Single Touch

  • Killing was forbidden within Apocalypse, and Han Jingru was going to kill the head of the Three Halls, He Qingfeng.
  • Mr. Yi rushed to Han Jingru’s side. The former placed his hand on the latter’s shoulder and warned grimly, “Don’t act impulsively, Han Jingru.”
  • Han Jingru didn’t bother turning to Mr. Yi. With his eyes exuding murderous aura, Han Jingru glared at He Qingfeng and claimed, “Threatening my family to get to me... That is the biggest mistake you have ever made.”
  • As the head of the Three Halls, it had been years since He Qingfeng last experienced fear. His position and influence were grand, and his fighting skills were top-notch. That made it so that very few people could threaten him.
  • At that moment, however, He Qingfeng was trembling in immense fear. That was especially true when he saw the murderous intent glowing in Han Jingru’s eyes. It even got him to back away instinctively.
  • This young man... He actually made me feel like moving away!
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