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Chapter 208 Back To Yun City

  • Han Jingru didn't tell the reason but both Su Yimo and Jiang Yan didn't pry.
  • Liu Hua's death was witnessed by Jiang FungGuang, Jiang Shen and Jiang Wan. They were completely terrified. However, they knew that Jiang Hong was to protect the entire Jiang family. Otherwise, everyone else would die with her.
  • After the four of them left the snooker centre, Jiang Hong was still trembling. That was just one kind of experience for the man. How could he not be afraid?
  • "Grandpa, how could han jingru be so great?" Jiang Wan just couldn't shake off the fear. Whenever she recalled how much she had been calling Han Jingru trash, she was restless. Everything happened because of Han Jingru. Even Tang Cheng referred him as Mr. Han. Yao Long knelt in front of him. That had reflected his extraordinariness more than enough.
  • Jiang Hong's cheek was still clattering. After hearing what Jiang Wan said, The man explained in a stutter, "There must be a reason for the Su family patriarch to insist for Han Jingru to marry into the Su family. His identity was definitely different from what we know. None of you should ever mention what happened, simply treat nothing ever happened. Otherwise, we would end up just like Liu Hua."
  • "Dad, how should we even explain Liu Hua's death? how should we tell her family?" Although Jiang FungGuang was sad, he was relieved at the same time. after being oppressed by the woman for so many years, he was just suffocated. Now that Liu Hua was dead, the man regained his freedom.
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