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Chapter 1178 Do You Know What Despair Is

  • The instance Zhong Changqiu heard Han Jingru’s voice, he turned around. Although his attention was on Nangong Shuxian earlier, he did not even sense someone standing behind him. That realization sent chills down Zhong Changqiu’s spine.
  • If hes not a child but my enemy, Zhong Changqiu thought, Im afraid Id be a corpse in a puddle of blood by now.
  • “Han Jingru, you’re finally back,” Nangong Shuxian uttered as she maliciously grinned at him.
  • In comparison with tormenting Shi Yan, Nangong Shuxian would rather spend her time on Han Jingru.
  • With a glowering expression, Han Jingru walked toward Shi Yan.
  • By now, Shi Yan’s face was already swollen, and the handprints on her face were exceptionally red. At the sight of that, the fury in Han Jingru rose like a tide.
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