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Chapter 632 Never Forget This

  • Han Xiao did not respond to Han Xiuyuan’s words. He knew Han Xiuyuan was venting his dissatisfaction before meeting Han Xiuzhi. If he did not do it now, he would not be able to face Han Xiuzhi later.
  • Han Xiao hoped that Han Xiuyuan would be able to talk to Han Xiuzhi with the right attitude. After all, they were here to ask him for a favor. Even if Han Xiuyuan was reluctant to do so, he should not act arrogantly in front of Han Xiuzhi. Otherwise, their trip to Yun City would be a waste of effort.
  • At the villa.
  • Shi Yan and Su Yimo were waiting outside the door.
  • Although they greeted him at the door, Han Xiuyuan felt like he was treated with contempt as he saw no signs of Han Xiuzhi.
  • “How nice of him to send the two of you to greet me,” Han Xiuyuan sneered.
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