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Chapter 973 Jiang Yingying Shows Up

  • Huang Xiaoyong blinked his eyes innocently. “Why not? It’s not like they can force us to sell it.”
  • Bailing Wan’er sighed loudly as she rolled her eyes at his naivety. Is his brain not functioning?
  • Bailing Wan’er asked, “Don’t you know that people tend to envy others who own what they don’t have?”
  • Being a dense guy, Huang Xiaoyong couldn’t comprehend what Bailing Wan’er was trying to say, so he ignored her statement. “Master, what do you say?”
  • Han Jingru replied, “What Wan’er said makes sense. Canceling the auction will only displease the Fengmo Auction House. What if they expose our identities out of spite? Our lives will be at risk. As for the prominent families, they will do anything to get their hands on the Holy Chestnut.”
  • Huang Xiaoyong sighed. “But if this goes on, things will not end well. After all, there is only one Holy Chestnut. I bet those who don’t get the Holy Chestnut will not spare us.”
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