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Chapter 956 The Search

  • There was no need to question the loyalty of Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian. They had already made up their minds to follow Su Yimo until the end. Even if they made an enemy out of the whole Apocalypse, they would never back down. After all, the power they currently possessed was all given by Han Jingru.
  • Moreover, with the prowess shown by Su Yimo thus far, even if both of them were to betray her, they would be signing their own death warrant on the spot.
  • “He Xiaoxiao, you don’t have to waste your breath on your vile tongue. Even if the two of us were to die, we will die together with Ms. Su,” Zhuang Tang restated his allegiance.
  • Seeing the two had such an adamant attitude, He Xiaoxiao could not think of anything she could do in the current situation. Since she could not seize Han Xiang to be used as a bargaining chip, what else did she have to negotiate terms with Su Yimo?
  • “Where is Han Jingru?” Su Yimo proceeded to question He Qingfeng once more.
  • Grinning broadly, he repeated his jeer, “Didn’t you declare you know Apocalypse well? How come you don’t know where he has gone?”
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