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Chapter 954 The Meaning Behind The Head Of Three Halls

  • Han Xiang still held onto Su Yimo’s sleeves tightly, refusing to let go. She was frightened by the fierce-looking He Qingfeng.
  • Su Yimo touched Han Xiang’s head and consoled, “Xiang, this man is very fierce. Mom will help you teach him a lesson, okay?”
  • Han Xiang hesitated for a long time before nodding and letting go of Su Yimo’s hand.
  • Meanwhile, He Qingfeng was really annoyed. As a dignified Head of Three Halls, he was not used to being challenged by anyone, even less so by a mere woman from the mundane world. If he did not move to put out such insolence from Su Yimo, his dignity as the Head of Three Halls would surely be trampled upon.
  • “Su Yimo, I plan to let you off initially on the fact that you’re Han Jingru’s wife. But since you’re so arrogant, I’ll reveal my strength to you today,” He Qingfeng coldly announced.
  • Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian exchanged glances with one another, as genuine worry could be seen in both their eyes. However, they had no right to stop her.
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