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Chapter 937 Order From The Emperor

  • At Longyun City’s Royal Inn.
  • The governor had built this place to receive only distinguished guests. It was now where the three fighters from the Imperial Court stayed.
  • The three were in their late fifties. It was normal as they were in Eight Stage and above. Time was needed to ascend up the stages. People like Han Jingru were a rare sight in Xenos.
  • “When are we meeting up with Han Jingru?” Fu Shan asked the other two. Although he was at Eighth Stage, he had to consult the one who was nearing Ninth Stage for his opinion first.
  • “I’m sure he knows we’re investigating the previous trio’s whereabouts. It’s best for us to meet him now, he’ll easily divulge his secret in a panic state. What do you think, Sir Bi Yang?”
  • Bi Yang was the one among the three who was closest to reaching Ninth Stage. He once announced he would reach it within five years. Hence, he had a higher position in the Imperial Court than the other two.
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