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Chapter 928 Beg For Forgiveness

  • Chen Tiexin always thought that he was more talented than most people. As long as he could prove his talent to the strong fighters, they would teach him their skills. That was the reason why Chen Tiexin never gave up on searching for a Master even after asking half of the fighters in Imperial Court.
  • Yet, when he stood side to side with Han Jingru, his confidence was gone in an instant. Due to other factors, talent wasn’t that important anymore.
  • Additionally, Han Jingru was stronger than the average fighter. He could even help a worthless person like Huang Xiaoyong advance to the Fifth Stage in a very short time.
  • “Father, if we maintained a friendly relationship with him, there is a possibility that he might teach me. But now... I’m afraid it’s impossible,” the son finally answered.
  • “You know what? I finally learned something.”
  • “Which is?” Chen Tiexin was confused.
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