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Chapter 927 Is There Another Way

  • Bailing Wan’er was in a low spirit after Chen Yanran left. For the young lady, it felt as if she’d just seen that happening to her in the future.
  • Chen Yanran was better than Bailing Wan’er in terms of looks and physique. Even then, the former had to throw away her pride and begged Han Jingru for forgiveness. However, the man wasn’t moved by her action. His reaction proved to others that he would not take pity on a woman. It made the young lady worry for her future even more as she was really hoping that the man would fall for her as time passed.
  • Judging from what happened a few moments ago, it was very unlikely for something like that to happen.
  • The moment she walked into Han Jingru’s room, she couldn’t help but sigh, “You are so ruthless. You didn’t even look at her when she begged you.”
  • “What? Are you afraid now?”
  • Bailing Wan’er raised her head and did not want to admit defeat. “Me? Afraid of what? I’m not like her!”
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