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Chapter 895 Is It Him

  • The three members of the Imperial Court looked at each other before leaving without a word.
  • Of course, this did not mean that they believed Han Jingru. In fact, they needed more evidence to prove whether the latter was lying. Therefore, they thought it would be worthwhile for them to verify the man’s identity.
  • Although Han Jingru was not as widely known in Longyun City as he was in Yun City, he still garnered attention, especially after the incident that Chen Tiexin had deliberately planned. Everyone now viewed Han Jingru as a loser, as many of them had witnessed the man leaving the Chen residence while being ridiculed and humiliated.
  • Without wasting much time, the three members of the Imperial Court immediately started investigating Han Jingru’s background.
  • He became a temporary son-in-law of the Chen family and was then driven out of the Chen residence, thus becoming the laughing stock of Longyun City. On top of that, Chen Yanran married him merely because she could not stand Huang Xiaoyong’s harassment.
  • That alone proved that Han Jingru was not lying when he claimed that Huang Xiaoyong had been troubling him. After all, the latter had liked Chen Yanran for years now, so there was no way he had planned this. Besides, Huang Xiaoyong was once a loser as well. He probably would not have predicted that he would end up where he was today and planned everything beforehand.
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