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Chapter 893 Fighter Within The Final Three Stages

  • After Huang Xiaoyong finished his sentence, the three men from the Imperial Court were all staring at him with penetrating gazes, as if they were seeing right through him. They were hoping that the man’s expression would give him away, but Huang Xiaoyong looked extremely natural and at ease. Not to mention giving himself away, he did not even feel the slightest guilt for lying.
  • Even though Huang Houyi was intimidated by those three people, Huang Xiaoyong wasn’t. That was because he had an extremely formidable master. He knew that even if his master had gone to the Imperial Court on his own accord, he would be received by the Emperor personally.
  • Why would he be fearful of those representatives from the Imperial Court when he had such a powerful master?
  • “You’re an accomplished young man indeed. It’s a great feat to own a seven-star familiar at your age. It’s without a doubt that you will have a bright future.” As that man was unable to find any signs that proved otherwise, he could only believe Huang Xiaoyong’s words at the moment.
  • “Thanks for the compliment, Sir,” Huang Xiaoyong answered with a smile.
  • “The purpose of our visit here is to ask you if you would like to be a part of the Imperial Court?” That man carried on to speak.
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