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Chapter 89 Beaten

  • When it was lunch time, Han Jingru gave an excuse to go to the washroom as the man planned to go visit Yang Qi.
  • Han Jingru knew that Yang Wen would not let the earlier incident go easily. As he didn’t want to cause too much trouble, he planned to get Yang Qi settle it quietly.
  • Three years ago, Yang Qi did not win the lottery but he was lucky indeed. The man had the similar fate with Ling Heng and he had gotten the favor of Han Jingru. That was the reason he managed to get his status this day.
  • The first thing Han Jingru did when he got to Yun city was to arrange his influence and connection.
  • Ling Heng was in charge of the influence in the underworld and Yang Qi was in charge of getting the connections in Yun city. That was Han Jingru’s backup plan.
  • When Han Jingru was concealing himself in the Han family, the young boy learnt an invaluable truth. If he wanted to have money, he must have his own power and connections. After he had gotten sufficient money, he should leverage on that to build a stronger connection in the upper class and gain more power. Only by repeating that cycle, he could get stronger and stronger.
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