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Chapter 865 Mysterious Identity

  • “How is that possible? Why is he alive?”
  • When the Wang family patriarch heard about the news, he was filled with shock.
  • Everyone in Longyun City knew how much Huang Xiaoyong hated Han Jingru. His obsession with Chen Yanran was well known to all. When he heard that Han Jingru had married her, he even killed some of his own servants in anger. Therefore, it was impossible for him to let Han Jingru live.
  • “Is the information reliable? Did you see the wrong person?” the patriarch questioned his servant.
  • “Sir, we definitely did not make a mistake. It really was Han Jingru,” the servant replied.
  • The patriarch took a deep breath and said, “I wonder what happened? Why did Huang Xiaoyong not kill him?”
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