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Chapter 840 Saving The World

  • As Tian Shuirou inched nearer to him, Tian Jingshuo hurriedly corrected himself. “Master, I’m no longer young. Would you stand by and watch as I get tortured?”
  • At that, Han Jingru shot him a faint smile. This old rascal is still cheeky like usual. He doesn’t seem like the head of a prominent family at all.
  • “Good. You should respect your master’s wishes, don’t you agree?” He grinned.
  • Tian Honghui wasn’t sure how he should react. Bystanders would think Han Jingru was being rude, but in reality, not everyone could get treated that way.
  • Tian Honghui used to look down on Han Jingru as he thought the latter wouldn’t advance much. Right now, he considered himself lucky that his family was close to Han Jingru.
  • The man was his grandfather’s master, and he treated Tian Honghui’s sister as his own. The Tian family’s position in Yun City wasn’t threatened because of their connections with him.
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