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Chapter 827 An Act Of Loyalty

  • When Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian first met Han Jingru, the latter was still an unknown man from a mundane world. That was why they had acted so high and mighty around him back then.
  • Now when they stood before the man, they both behaved very humbly. In fact, they were so nervous that their palms were full of sweat.
  • Han Jingru was now already a Platinum rank fighter - their positions were no match for his.
  • “Jingru, I know we have had our fair share of feuds, but you’re now a Platinum rank fighter. Are you still going to bear a grudge?” Gong Tian asked meekly with his head bowed. He feared Han Jingru bringing up the past. A word from such an omnipotent presence would end his career - he might even be kicked out of the Apocalypse!
  • Meanwhile, Zhuang Tang was not getting younger, and he, too, was very anxious. He would never have the audacity to treat Han Jingru the way he had previously when he was with the Nangong family if he knew that the man would become this successful.
  • “Don’t worry. I’m not here to cause any trouble,” Han Jingru told the two nervous men with a small smile.
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