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Chapter 820 The Heir Of The Tian Family

  • You should have been punished for your sins a long time ago!
  • Those words reverberated in Su Huiqi’s head.
  • Su Huiqi panicked and groveled at Tian Shuirou’s feet to repent her own mistakes.
  • “Tian Shuirou, I have learned my mistake. I will never do it again. Please give me another chance.”
  • “Another chance?” Tian Shuirou smirked. “You’ve run out of chances. If it were for Han Jingru, he would have killed you already. He gave you countless chances, but you didn’t appreciate any of them. Hence, death is the only suitable ending for people like you.”
  • Chen Yi, who was beside Tian Shuirou, felt chills down his spine. The more he realized the other side of Tian Shuirou, the more he regretted his remarks earlier. But, alas, it was already too late. Words that have been said can no longer be recovered.
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