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Chapter 798 Predator

  • “Most of the remains were found a short distance from the entrance. The deeper we ventured, the less the skeletons. I think we’ve gotten past the most dangerous section of the Devil’s Cave,” said Han Jingru to calm Jiang Yingying’s nerves down.
  • However, those words weren’t just to calm her down. They were also the truth. The further they ventured into the cave, the fewer the skeletons, and that proved that the section by the entrance was the most dangerous one.
  • Jiang Yingying already seemed better at the time. The unknown danger within the Devil’s Cave still frightened her, but that level of fear was something she could cope with.
  • “Jingru, just what sort of place is this? I keep getting the feeling that we’re not the only ones here. It’s like something is monitoring us from the dark,” said Jiang Yingying.
  • Han Jingru took a deep breath. At first, he thought his paranoia was playing tricks on him, but if Jiang Yingying sensed the same thing, then... Looks like we’re not the only ones inside the Devil’s Cave. Some other creatures are here.
  • “Watch your steps. Fang Zhan said that we should run if we ever come across anything. We’d pass the test even if we were fleeing the entire time,” said Han Jingru.
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