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Chapter 763 High Hopes

  • During the next few days at Genting Villa, many visitors came by to pay their respects for the New Year. This was the Tian family’s privilege previously, but now everyone wanted to ingratiate themselves to the Han family instead.
  • However, the Tian family wasn’t bitter about it. In fact, they were also among those that arrived bearing gifts. In fact, Tian Jingshuo came personally with them.
  • Nevertheless, the Tian family was still accorded special treatment. As for the others, they didn’t even have the opportunity to enter the villa. At most, they could only leave their gifts at the door and send their regards before leaving. As for the Tian family, they were invited into the villa. After all, Tian Shuirou was just like a family member of the Han family. Even without Han Jingru’s permission, she would invite her family into the villa on her own accord.
  • On the fifth day of the new year, the matter they were expecting finally surfaced.
  • When Mr. Yi and Fang Zhan appeared, Su Yimo tried her best to control her emotions. Nevertheless, she still couldn’t prevent her expression from darkening.
  • She knew the moment she dreaded the most was finally here.
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