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Chapter 733 Pledge Allegiance To Your Master

  • After finishing his words, Nangong Boling looked at Han Jingru eagerly; one could tell how excited he was to go to Apocalypse.
  • Han Jingru frowned.
  • Nangong Boling should know that Apocalypse isn’t somewhere that is open to everyone. Why is he so desperate to go? Could it be that he knows some secrets of Apocalypse? Maybe there’s something that he wants?
  • Han Jingru said, “Nangong Boling, you should know that you need Apocalypse’s approval before venturing into their territory. And the only way to gain their approval is to prove your abilities. You’re already an old man, so do you think you can satisfy their requirements?”
  • Nangong Boling shook his head and said, “I’m sure I can’t make it, but you can, and I believe in your power. You will rise to a certain status in Apocalypse, and when the time comes, I hope you’ll take me there.”
  • Han Jingru asked, “Nangong Boling, why must you go to Apocalypse?” This is strange. Why would someone like him want to go to Apocalypse? Even if he gets there, knowledge is the only thing he’ll get. There’s no way he doesn’t have any ulterior motive!
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