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Chapter 669 Rookie Dad

  • Han Jingru had spent an entire month at home. He had originally wanted to take a walk, breathe in the fresh air, as well as deal with some matters in the Han family. However, Han Xiang was now in his arms and Han Jingru did not want to waste his time doing anything else.
  • He carefully carried her back into the house before sitting down stiffly on the couch. He was scared he would make her uncomfortable the way he was carrying her.
  • However, it seemed like the baby enjoyed his embrace as she stared at him quietly with her big eyes.
  • Ho Ting laughed, “It looks like she recognizes you. Children of this age usually just sleep and eat. I’ve never seen one who looks as energetic as her.”
  • Right after that, a soft hiss sounded in the room. Then, a pungent smell came.
  • “She soiled her diaper. Hand her to me; I’ll change her,” Ho Ting said.
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