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Chapter 658 Terminal Disease

  • Han Jingru knew that Han Xiuyuan would come knocking soon, but he did not go anywhere and simply waited at home. He had no reason to hide as this was inevitable. This was something he had to face eventually, and given Han Xiuyuan’s power in the U.S., nowhere in the country was safe.
  • “Do you really intend to die with me?” Han Jingru asked Qi Bingying.
  • Qi Bingying would doll herself up every time she appeared in front of Han Jingru. However, this time, she was in a rush and did not even have time to put on makeup. Even so, she was attractive to everyone. In fact, she exuded a different kind of charm when she did not have any makeup on.
  • “Yes.” Qi Bingying nodded resolutely.
  • “Aren’t you afraid?” Han Jingru continued.
  • “What’s there to fear if I’m with you? Even if I go to hell, you’d be there to protect me,” Qi Bingying proclaimed calmly. She was obviously not afraid at all. To Qi Bingying, even if the world ended the following day, she would not be afraid as long as she had Han Jingru by her side.
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