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Chapter 613 The Boss With A Backstory

  • On the second day, Han Jingru went to a funeral home in the Chinese District alone.
  • The boss was an elderly man with a head full of white hair and deep wrinkles were etched in his face. His frail back was curved, while he teetered on his feet like a swaying candle flame in the wind, looking like he would topple over any moment.
  • “Sir, when can the coffin I ordered be finished?” asked Han Jingru.
  • The boss replied hoarsely, “Young man, I’m already rushing it for you. The earliest would be tomorrow.”
  • “Can you hurry up? I need it tomorrow,” urged Han Jingru. Tomorrow, the three days which Han Xiuyuan gave him would be up. He did not want to miss the best moment.
  • “Young man, I’m already so old. My movements are a little slow, so I hope that you’ll understand,” said the boss.
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