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Chapter 607 Nothing But A Monster

  • Yuan Ling did not understand how Qi Bingying felt. However perfect of a person she made Han Jingru out to be, to her, such a meaningless sacrifice could not possibly be worth it.
  • When Han Jingru returned home, Yuan Ling conveyed the message Nangong Boling had left for him and left.
  • Qi Bingying was now a lot more emotionally stable and one could not tell that she had been crying just now. She queried, “What does this mean? Is Nangong Boling trying to give you a warning?”
  • “Well, with the way he said things, there’s definitely someone coming to the U.S., and that would probably be Nangong Sun,” Han Jingru surmised.
  • Nangong Boling would not send such a message to him for no rhyme or reason. Han Jingru felt it was likely that Nangong Sun would head to the U.S. After all, he not only wanted to become the head of the family but also acted high and mighty in front of Han Jingru. To someone as prideful as Nangong Sun, it would be impossible for him to accept such a drastic change in status.
  • “What exactly is the Nangong Family like?” Qi Bingying inquired. Although Han Jingru had told her that the Nangong Family had a complex background, he had simply mentioned it in passing and did not go into detail. As a result, Qi Bingying did not have a good understanding of the situation either.
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