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Chapter 60 Who Gave You The Right To Move In

  • When the grandmother reached the middle hill, she ordered Han Jingru to let her down. She was so excited and overwhelmed as she looked at the lavish mansion before her eyes. That was the most significant place in Yun city that reflects the person’s stature. The grandmother thought that for the rest of her life, even if she were to try her best, the most she could do was to bring the Su family to the foothill. But now, she finally made it inside, and to the middle hill.
  • “Old man, I really don’t know if I should blame you or thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I might not have the chance to come here for the rest of my life. But why did you give Su Wenlun the money?” Even as the grandmother was right beside Su Yimo, she said that without care. It wasn’t difficult to see that Su Wenlun and his family meant nothing for her.
  • Su Yimo was frustrated. She took a look at Han Jingru and she was just powerless.
  • The moment the old Madam stepped into the mansion, all of the rustling and chit chatting in the mansion stopped. All of the relatives from the Su family stood up from the couch.
  • Su Ruijin reacted immediately and he ran towards the grandmother and said uncaringly, “Grandma, you must be tired. Hurry and sit down to rest a little.”
  • The moment Han Jingru saw that, his gaze was chilling cold. There was a certain someone like that in the Han family as well. Just because of his fawning sweet talk, Han Jingru came from such a wealthy family but he received a treatment of an orphan.
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