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Chapter 594 Are You Worthy To Be My Opponent

  • Would the company really have a future when it is full of people who only knew how to flatter people in power? After handing the company over to Tang Cheng, Han Jingru left the meeting room. As his assistant, Yuan Ling followed him closely. She really couldn't stand the company atmosphere. Everyone only knew how to flatter. Han Jingru seemed to enjoy it very much, and Yuan Ling couldn't help but share her concerns with him.
  • “Of course not. That's why Tang Cheng will ask them to get lost.” Han Jingru assured Yuan Ling with a smile.
  • “Tang Cheng is the biggest flatterer. Even if others leave, can you ensure that Tang Cheng has the ability to handle the company's affairs?” Yuan Ling asked disdainfully.
  • Han Jingru looked at Yuan Ling in surprise. Where did this misunderstanding come from? Was it because of this misunderstanding that caused her affection for Tang Cheng to change?
  • Han Jingru couldn't help but laugh. If Yuan Ling really thought so, she has underestimated Tang Cheng.
  • Back then, Han Jingru only helped Tang Cheng because he saw himself in him. He did not think about making something out of Tang Cheng, but Tang Cheng’s ability really surprised him.
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