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Chapter 571 Han Xiuzhi Was A Loser Too

  • Everyone was shocked to see Han Tong kneel; they shifted their focus on Han Jingru while trying to comprehend how someone like him could make her do such a thing.
  • The security guard's heart skipped a beat after seeing what happened from afar.
  • The fact that Han Tong came to the entrance and welcomed Han Jingru like royalty scared the security guard to death. He racked his brain trying to figure out the identity of the person he had offended.
  • Han Tong knelt on the floor with her head bowed while looking infuriated.
  • She knew that if anyone from the Han family saw this, they would gossip about her, but she had no other choice.
  • Han Li was a nightmare for Han Tong because everything she had would vanish into thin air if Han Jingru let him return to the States. That was something unacceptable for her.
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