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Chapter 557 Nangong Jingru

  • “Shut up, you all,” shouted Nangong Boling in rage. He was angry with those pessimistic family members. They should have cheered Han Jingru to victory.
  • In response, the jeering and mocking ceased at once. Yet many still thought Han Jingru would lose - an outcome Nangong Boling was most reluctant to accept.
  • “Don't worry, Grandpa,” said Nangong Yan, “I will think of a way.” He purposely came forth to draw attention to himself because he wanted Nangong Boling to know he was now the Nangong family's only hope.
  • Unfortunately, the timing of Nangong Yan's move was wrong. It only served to enrage Nangong Boling, who still placed high hopes on Han Jingru.
  • “I want you to shut up now and be quiet,” said Nangong Boling as he gnashed his teeth in frustration.
  • “Brother, you are not cursing Han Jingru to lose, are you?” suggested Nangong Sun on the spot.
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