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Chapter 556 Who Failed To Give His Best

  • Zhuang Tang decided to close his eyes during the fight. From the moment Gong Tian went up to the boxing ring, Zhuang Tang had predetermined the outcome. To him, Han Jingru would die. The fight would be boring and not worth watching.
  • “Can he really do it?”
  • “He is now our family's only hope.”
  • “If he loses, we will never get another chance to ascend the top community.”
  • Everyone vocalized what was on their minds. For those not interested to become Head of the family, it would be great if Han Jingru could win. Such a victory would benefit the entire family and enhance the credentials of each family member when they came into contact with outsiders.
  • However, Nangong Yan was the only one wishing Han Jingru would die in the fight. Only then would Nangong Yan and Nangong Sun be able to resume their competition for the patriarch position.
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