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Chapter 547 Shirking Blame

  • In the Nangong family manor.
  • It was well into twilight as Han Jingru lay slumbering. A series of urgent raps on his door tore him away from dreamland.
  • In his dream, he had been holding Han Xiang and could only wipe the beading tears away when he returned to reality. His daughter's disappearance broke his heart and his longing for her resurfaced in the form of nightly dreams.
  • “What do you want?” Han Jingru barked at Nangong Sun.
  • Nangong Sun's face was pale, his gaze conveying rage and confusion. “Follow me,” He said.
  • Han Jingru rose to his feet without hesitation. In fact, he wanted Nangong Sun to request more of him because that was the only way he could gain any grounds for bargaining for contact with Han Xiang.
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