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Chapter 529 Han Xiuzhi

  • Back to the same big room with dim lighting and slatted beds.
  • The room had been painstakingly cleaned up by the guards and restored to the same configuration as last night. The air reeked heavily of blood. If an ordinary person was in such an environment, he or she would have been scared to death.
  • However, at this moment Han Jingru felt unusually indifferent.
  • In front of him was a man on his knees, trembling in fear.
  • This man had taken a hundred lives with his hands. Before he was caught by Terra Prison, he was an infamous mass murderer.
  • He prided himself in creating hell on earth and engaging in all kinds of evil and brutally violent acts. He even boasted of being kept in Area A by Terra Prison. But at this moment, he was too scared to say anything.
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