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Chapter 494 Kneeling For A Woman

  • At the villa.
  • The moment Han Jingru appeared, the first thing Han Li demanded him to do was to kneel.
  • “Except for my grandfather and master, nobody in this world has the authority to make me kneel,” he replied. Han Jingru knew Han Li was trying to humiliate him. And he was not about to give Han Li the satisfaction.
  • Han Li smirked as he continued, “Is there a point in being willful now? I wasn't asking you. When I tell people to do things, they obey.”
  • The moment he finished, Han Long strolled towards Su Yimo and gripped her neck. He then proceeded to lift her off the ground.
  • Witnessing this, Han Jingru balled his fists as his nails clawed into his flesh.
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