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Chapter 492 Murder Su Yimo

  • Han Li knew deep down that this had nothing to do with Han Jingru. With Di Yang's protection, how could Han Tong be threatened by him?
  • She had killed Han Jia in order to be the head of the family. That was the truth, no matter how hard she tried to argue.
  • “Is Family Head really so important to you? He grew up with you! He's your little brother!” Han Li cried grief-stricken, tears gushing down his face. With Han Jia dead, he had lost not only his son but his daughter, too. After this incident, there would be no way he could treat her as his own daughter anymore. Furthermore, the Han Family would never accept her again.
  • Han Tong felt the pain exploding across her scalp as her father yanked her hair. She wanted to plead for mercy, his forgiveness. But she knew that he would never forgive her for having committed such a heinous deed.
  • Since there is no use in groveling at his feet, what is the point to continue begging for his forgiveness?
  • “I've done so much for the Han family! But you passed on the position of family head to him just because he asked for it! Have you ever considered my feelings?” she retorted shrilly.
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