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Chapter 469 Han Jingru The Scapegoat

  • The caretaker was scared out of his wits. However, he still mustered up the courage to contact Shi Yan about this after the duo had left.
  • When Shi Yan received the news, she was strangely calm. After all, that was nothing compared to the shrine that they had destroyed in cold blood.
  • Shi Yan simply told the caretaker to cover up the grave before hanging up the phone.
  • After a few more moments of hesitation, Shi Yan finally decided to call Han Jingru.
  • Shi Yan was not expecting a good attitude from Han Jingru at all. Although he knew that Nangong Shuxian's oppressive tactics had left Shi Yan with no way to intervene, Shi Yan's cold glares were still hard for him to swallow.
  • “What do you want?” Han Jingru asked gruffly.
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