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Chapter 467 Destruction Of The Han Family Ancestral Shrine

  • Yan City!
  • Those words hit Han Tong hard, almost making her crash onto the floor.
  • Why is he in China all of a sudden?
  • Han Jia was dead and Han Tong hadn't found a way to make Han Jingru the top suspect yet; Han Li's presence would make it even harder to keep everything under wraps.
  • “Dad, w-why are you in Yan City?” Han Tong was shocked and was trying her best to stay calm. Even so, her voice was obviously trembling.
  • “There are some issues in Yan City that I need to attend to. Some names that shouldn't exist should be erased forever. You've wasted enough time in China already, so I'd better settle the issues on Han Jingru, too,” Han Li explained.
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