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Chapter 441 One Stone Kills Two Birds

  • Ling Heng stood there awkwardly after hearing Mo Lan's questions.
  • He had no right to joke with the two bosses. He did not know what could happen to him if he openly did so.
  • He bowed his head and pretended not to hear anything.
  • “Mo Lan, I think you are getting more and more shameless,” Han Jingru chuckled.
  • “Jingru, you don't know me well. I've always been like this! So forget about the money, alright?” Mo Lan said.
  • Han Jingru could not deal with this version of Mo Lan. In any case, he had not expected Mo Lan to return him the money. Even though two billion was not a small sum, it was insignificant when dealing with the Han Corporation.
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