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Chapter 416 A Fight Between The Masters

  • As Qi Hu was just getting ready to give the security guards a piece of his mind, they had already scrambled out of his way and left a clear path for them to enter the hotel.
  • Qi Hu scoffed, “What trash. They don't even have the guts to fight me, yet dare to be so arrogant.”
  • Following him, Qi Bingying pushed Han Jingru into the hotel. Qi Hu shouted in the lobby, “Ask Han Tong to come out now! Otherwise, I will smash this place into pieces!”
  • Right at that moment, Qi Hu followed up on his threat by pushing a statue over 100kg down onto the ground. It landed on the ground with a huge crash.
  • Han Tong was jolted out of her sleep by the sudden ringing of the phone. She was even madder when she saw that it was still nighttime.
  • “Who are you? How dare you disturb my sleep?”
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