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Chapter 409 Run

  • Di Yang slowly approached Han Jingru with a smile on his face. The next moment, before Han Jingru could even discern what was going on, he felt a huge impact hit him. He instantly lost his balance and hit the wall behind him.
  • All Han Jingru felt was pain, shock and disbelief.
  • Even though he knew that Di Yang was strong, he never expected this.
  • Di Yang was too fast for him, and he could not even avoid his attacks. Han Jingru could not believe that such an old man could have this amount of strength and mastery.
  • Han Jingru lay on the ground with his chest burning and an acute pain shot through his body.
  • Right beside them, Han Tong looked on at this scene with a smile and said to Han Jingru, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. If you don't stand up, I will not let this gullible man go either. If you want to save him, get up and stop lying there like a dog.”
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